aka Sloth

The community does not know much about his personal life. But at least we know about the community he created. The memories he left behind. He was genuinely a pure soul. Not only that he was a strong man too. He was suffering a lot but handled it alone all by himself and did not let the community know about any of it. He should not have made that life decision the way he did, but we cannot change the past now. Let's pray that wherever he is, he is happy and resting in peace.
Thank you, Sloth. 🦥


Sloth, we miss you..


merry christmas sloth,
I know I'm a little late,
but I wish you were here for christmas ❤️


We miss you so much.Thank you
for building this wonderful
community, thank you for all the memories, RIP


Sloth, what you built was absolutely
outstanding: a supportive and amazing
community here and there, a place to expose bad actors among the hosting community, and thank you for everything, merry christmas and happy new year dude ❤️< /p>


I miss your drama creation
sloth, let your soul rest in peace.

Josh F.

Sloth, I may not have known you
all that well personally, but you’ve
made something amazing out of this
community. YOU ARE the reason that I’ve met so many people and learnt so so much from this community and I have to thank you for that. I hope you’re in a better place now bud. Rest easy. 🕊️


I have no words to descibe how good
sloth was, i have a mixed feeling about him.
sometimes he piss the fuck out but
sometimes he is nice asf. but yeah sloth was a great friend. i miss you sloth, rest in peace the king of drama.

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